Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Elizabeth & Children of Dune

haha bet you’re wondering how the hell those 2 relate?!?! i just wanted to talk about scenes they did very similarly, dramatically and amazingly!! just re-watched both fairly recently (Elizabeth last night). they both had a scene where they showed a coup of sorts. it was mass arrests or assassinations ordered by the current ruler. so not technically a coup coz no one was overthrown. altho i just looked it up... we do use the word coup to describe a successful stroke or move? ok whatever! a coup of sorts! so both movies had this haunting, ethereal, enya-type music over a montage of scenes of the ruler’s enemies who had been conspiring together, getting arrested, or killed, or their guards killed. and wow what a dramatic contrast that just gets you!!! but i must say Children of Dune totally did it better!!! in Children of Dune the scenes were quick and violent, while in Elizabeth the pace of the scenes was matching the slowness of the music more. and that larger contrast in Children of Dune made it all the more striking and disturbing!!! i wonder who creates those scenes? coz obviously the director decides how and what is shot, but how involved are they in editing and adding music later? maybe it depends on the director? in any case, great dramatic scenes that were awesomely done!!

and unrelated but i’m so glad Shekhar Kapur made a sequel to Elizabeth!!! even more amazing coz it was done almost 10 years later!! and was still as good or better than the first!! (ie. Matrix or Star Wars sequels come to mind... so much later and not nearly as good) AND he got Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush back!! (did you know Geoffrey Rush was australian? i must admit i didnt til now!) and as for Children of Dune. hmmm.. i might say that as a sequel was better too? the original David Lynch Dune and the first mini-series Dune (2000) just didnt strike me that much? not sure if its story or what. i also dont find Paul Atreides character overly sympathetic or likable. but with Children of Dune, maybe coz i loved James McAvoy in it, maybe it was better story, i also liked his twin played by Jessica Brooks. Susan Sarandon was an embarrassment in both in my opinion. but Alice Krige was cool! :) gonna have to love her forever after her awesomeness in First Contact as the borg queen!! haha! okey doke. nuff for now! but i do owe some comment replies!! will do so soon! :)


Robin said...

The Dune series done a few years ago had very good cast...james mcavoy, hello to you! no one even knew about him then. my children of dune dvd collection got lost when i lent it to a former friend. but hey... hello blue ray!!!can't wait to save money to buy it.

Lady Knight said...

haha yea eh!? heeelloooo james!! yea that was the first thing i'd ever seen him in and he was just so awesome! oh so you dont have the dvd's of it eh? neither do i just tapes from tv so i'll have to get the real thing too one day! :)