Monday, March 8, 2010

technical issues

ok ARRRGGHHH!! haha! i was having issues getting the awesome background castle pic to show up in some browsers/platforms so i didnt wanna continue blogging til i got that figured out. so i spent tonight doing that and PHEW!! done!! a simple change that i tried in the beginning but it didnt seem to make a difference so i dismissed it. but just tried it now and it works! and worst was that Firefox would not show the background pic, then for some reason would start showing it, then continue showing it so it was impossible to troubleshoot!! grrrrr!!! i think the browsers were having trouble grabbing the image from the place i got this free template from for some reason. that'll teach me not to use free shit!! hahhaha! alrighty folks!! i think i can now safely blog!! hahaha! hopefully i'll get back to this soon and post something! :)


billBILLbill said...

Sort of a technical issue. Reading light text on a dark background is much harder than the opposite.

I know "grumble, grumble, gripe, gripe, complain."

Lady Knight said...

i know i know... ! i totally agree!! i'm torn coz i prefer light background, black text ... but just love the look of this template! altho maybe the boxes can be switched to light gray with black text and it might still look ok? ack! but i am daunted by the prospect of learning how to do that!