Friday, February 12, 2010

welcome to the blog

i debate whether i'll stay on blogger or create a blog from scratch and upload it to a web hoster. i'd rather that. more control. but in the meantime since i know SHITALL about all that i will start here! but may not put too much up. i actually have a backlog of shit i wrote on facebook notes. maybe its time to go public! haha! and main reason is lets set up a web prescence. i cant help but think of this situation... the author of an online new york times article started as a blogger and expert on her topic.. i guess it came to the point where someone researching the topic inevitably came to her blog and now she writes for several publications. how awesome is that?!?! altho admittedly a long shot times a million!! and i for sure aint no expert!! hahaha! but... please universe let me be an instant success overnight. pretty please? ok? no problem right? ;)

ps. theres a gorgeous castle pic in the background of this blog template but i noticed that altho it shows up in safari, it doesnt in firefox. hope you can see it!