About Me

A closet fantasy/scifi geek (ie. just reading the books and watching the movies) for the first part of my life until a series of events set me on my new path!! I've gone from professional engineer to aspiring knight!! Or more accurately... an aspiring actor that wants to play knights! And other similar cool roles!! I figured that was the only way to theoretically get paid to swing a sword and ride a horse!! hahaha! Coz i realized despite my love for this stuff I couldnt bring myself to dress up and pretend without a purpose? So prior to this pic I'd never before dressed up in any fantasy/scifi costumes! What a great way to start... that dress was gorgeous! I loved it!

In the meantime, as I work on my dream of becoming a knight, I will start this blog and talk and rant and comment on fantasy, historical, or sci-fi movies, books, topics, etc! Once I become a knight, or concurrently ;) , I also dream of starting a production company making cool movies and performances in this genre... and I think I will call it Lady Knight Productions!! Stay tuned! Maybe it'll happen sooner rather than later! Please Universe let me be an instant success overnight. Pretty please? ... ok? ... no problem right? ;)

Most importantly ;) .... just so you know... my name is pronounced "ee-da". :)

And if you ever wanna email me, feel free to do so at: ida@ladyknight.ca.