Friday, September 10, 2010

FanExpo in Toronto!!

[ack! started this the Sat, Aug 28 of FanExpo and then the weekend and weeks after got busy so here i am finishing it ages later. :( please note time references are a bit screwed up coz of that.]

Wow there are soooo many amazing guests this year!!! Drool-worthy: Tahmoh Penikett, James Marsters, & Sendhil Ramamurthy!! Other cool ones: Leslie Nielsen, Dean Stockwell, Stan Lee(!), Michelle Forbes, Felicia Day, David Cronenberg, Summer Glau, William Shatner, Michael Dorn (one of my favourite ST-TNG-ers!) And parked outside... the DeLorean from Back to the Future!! How cool is that!!! :P

So yesterday I missed Leslie Nielsen coz got there late. (Although later I realized that was a good thing! Lineups were crazy earlier!) But I did manage to catch Dean Stockwell who was fun to hear, although he did seem a bit tired/out of it. Interesting tidbit is that many of Al’s (from Quantum Leap) habits he brought to the character, such as his love of cigars and women! :)

Also met She-Hulk in line ;) who was also an aspiring actor like me and was awesome to chat geek with! And as soon as I got in I found Evelina, the girl who’s organizing the first-ever WHEDON FEST in Toronto!!! We chatted a million miles a minute yet again!! :) It’s the first weekend in October and guests include: Amy Acker, Nicholas Brendon, Christian Kane, Dichen Lachman, and Yan and Rafael Feldman!!! GONNA BE AWESOME!! Can’t wait!

One of the problems with this year’s FanExpo was that so many guests I was interested in overlapped time-wise so you had to pick and choose. :( But I am primarily a sci-fi/fantasy geek so my choices were obvious but still sucked coz I decided not to see Stan Lee, David Cronenberg and Michelle Forbes, although her I don’t regret. I heard that in the past she whined about having to talk about Ensign Ro Laren. Not cool Michelle! >:-( Especially when I compare her attitude to Linda Hamilton’s who I heard last year: Linda LOVES that Sarah Connor is such an icon and is thrilled to talk about her experiences with the Terminator movies soooo many years later!!

So today I saw Tahmoh Penikett, Felicia Day, James Marsters and Summer Glau!! All soooo awesome to hear!! For various different reasons! I actually took my blogging seriously and took notes today! Lotsa notes! But writing this sentence today (Sept 10) I realized I’ll never post this if I try to incorporate all my notes. :( So here is just an overview! :)

First, Tahmoh is just soooo damn hot!! Every once in a while when he was talking I would have to nudge my friend and just sigh at how cute he is! haha! ;) My friend also described him as so typically Canadian and I would totally agree! He’s hilarious in a self-deprecating manner that is just soooo funny! His stories of trials and tribulations in the acting world were awesome to hear!

Felicia Day was amazing coz she is just sooooo awesomely geeky about games!! Questions like what’s her all-time favourite game or where did the name Codex come from got her started on an excited chatter about the tons of games she’s played!! :) And I didn’t realize how many people would come see her, i.e. almost a full big room of The Guild fans!! That show got popular!! I checked out a few episodes and it looks hilarious! When I finish it I’ll let you guys know how it was!! :P

James was cool as shit of course!! And hot! Even without the peroxide blond hair which I must admit I did miss!! haha! ;) He’s fun to listen to coz he’s just so into the acting gigs he’s done, he’s into being there and talking with us, and into his music! He even sang an an a cappella version of one of his songs for us!! An original song he wrote based on his character in the scifi/western TV movie High Plains Invaders. Totally awesome!

Summer Glau was totally cool. I must admit I don’t get why people love her so much, coz I’m not a big fan, but she is sooooo painfully shy and a bit insecure that it did endear me to her. :) I think my main problem with her and it’s nothing to do with her, is that she’s this tiny thing playing characters that kick ass, in both Firefly and the Terminator TV show. I realize they wanted someone who kicked ass but didn’t look like they could, but to go so far?! Sigh. Coz I am kinda tired from Buffy onwards of actresses who don’t look like they could punch a fly, playing ass-kicking chicks! I want someone like Lucy Lawless who is believable and normally proportioned!!

Now on Sunday I didn’t stay long coz I also wanted to go the pit bull rally to support getting rid of the stupid Ontario legislation that kills pit bull-looking dogs :( . More info at the website Stop K9 Profiling if you’re curious. Which was good coz otherwise I wouldn’t have seen the gorgeous weekend we were having outside!! haha! “Girl trapped inside FanExpo convention withers into pale dust at lack of sun exposure” !! haha! But Sunday I did manage to get Tahmoh’s autograph!! It was a toss up between him and James Marsters coz I couldn’t afford both, and I realized Tahmoh was my current fave hottie so there it was! :) But what was with Summer Glau’s line being super long and neither of theirs was!?!? They’re similar levels of famousness I would say?!?! Hmmm... I think it’s partly coz guys like Summer, girls like Tahmoh or James, BUT guys aren’t as big fans of male stars while girls are as big fans of female stars? Ack who knows. Stupid.

And Sunday I also saw Sendhil Ramamurthy who is a total cutie and was super fun to listen to! He told us although it’s extremely unlikely to be any kind of TV special/movie follow-up to Heroes coz all the cast are so busy, he says the creators did write the story-line so it may come out as a graphic novel. He talked a lot about the acting life, and I was especially interested to hear about his transition from studying to be a doctor and switching away from it to go into acting! Mainly coz I did the switch from engineering! And the sentence that reminded me the most of my feelings was he said that medicine was hard and a lot of work and he just didn’t like it enough for that. Which is totally what I kept facing whenever I thought about engineering!