Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A couple of 80's Fantasy movies

I seem to be on an 80's fantasy movie kick lately! I recently re-watched Legend and watched Dragonslayer for the first time. I've actually never heard of Dragonslayer til I stumbled on it on one of recommendations and decided as a fantasy enthusiast I cannot go on til I’ve watched it!! haha! Legend we all know... Tom Cruise is usually annoying but tolerable that early in his career! ;) But Tim Curry, man... that guy stole the show!! What a character Darkness was! (I wanna call him Lord Darkness.. Darkness sounds too simple for what he was!) Scary, creepy, yet somehow seductive and sexual!! A red-skinned, horned being with hooves is being described as “seductive” ... you KNOW he did a great performance!! :)

And then there’s Dragonslayer... surprisingly decent? I probably would’ve loved it if I was a kid... as an adult in the 2010’s (what are we gonna call this decade?!?!?) ... not so exciting. Actually even a bit boring. But fun to watch, and the effects didn’t make me cringe 30 years later (wow! 30!? they’re holding up pretty well then!). But what did make me cringe was the MUSIC!!! Oh gawd it’s horrible!! It sounds like orchestra type music, but instrument and melody choices were soooooo 80’s!!! Bad 80’s, bad 80’s! No more soundtracks for you 80’s! haha! And the dragon was quite cool and most classically perfectly dragon-like!! They did a great job building it up coz first half of the movie you just see a leg or tail or the character looking up, waaaayy up. So yeah... fun movie! :)

In blog news... stay tuned for a Dollhouse post coz just finished the series this past weekend! Soooo good!! Also the horror flick I was in was just released and it rocks so you gotta check it out!! It’s called Lurking Under Life... click here or on the logo to go to the website and have a look! :) As well I wanted to comment that I’ll be more punctuation-aware in blog posts as I’ve started in this one. I love a casual tone but hate seeing language skills go down the shitter so I will try not to be part of that. Sometimes! ;)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Polaris 24

i went to the Polaris sci-fi/fantasy convention last night and met some great peeps!! these are postings i made on my facebook page so they are a bit disjointed but i wanted to add them here too!

first... I found out and already bought a ticket for Whedon Fest Toronto !!! first whedon fest here!! i met Evelina one of the co-owners running it, today at Polaris 24 and we had such a great chat!! i'm sooo glad she's doing this!! its gonna be awesome! and i'm in the midst of Dollhouse right now so its super great timing!! AND the fest is OCT 1-3 and guess when dollhouse season 2 is coming out on dvd!?! OCT 12!!

i also enjoyed the pamphlets I got from Timothy Carter today about his books!!! totally fun and hilarious!!! i'm sure the books are too! gonna have to check them out! awesome covers!!!

oh! also wanted to mention i had a great chat with Erik Buchanan at Polaris too!! we've been facebook friends for a while but finally had a chance to meet! and we've both done stage combat at Rapier Wit so had a ton of friends in common!! he's got 2 books out that i'm looking forward to reading in the near future!!

as well i had a blast at the Buffy panel too!! ... i gotta admit most of us Buffy fans are not fans of Twilight!! ;) why would you go for Bella when you can get Buffy!?!? :) ... BUT i must admit i am damn tired of human chick-male vamp combos (the ultimate 'older guy' .. ugh!), and mentioned that today, and Alyxandra Harvey, one of the author panellists, let us know her series, The Drake Chronicles finally has the reverse situation!!! YAYYY!!! cant wait to check them out!

and speaking of Buffy vs. Twilight... this is a hilarious yet accurate graph of the situation!!! hahhahah!! :

and on hilarious graphs topic... this is a hilarious explanation of why Firefly didnt make it!! :( and i got it from this site which claims another reason was that the opening credits werent good enough and they made a 'better' version!! haha! check it out here.